Igal Pansak: Celebrating Buwan ng Wika in a Different Way

Igal Pansak Photo 1

Last August 13, 2015, Bunga Arts Link visited Bannister Academy to conduct a workshop about a traditional type of dance called Igal-Pansak. Igal Pansak is one of the many yet lesser-known types of traditional dance that originates from the Southern region of the Philippines and is also practiced by people from certain parts of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Before proceeding to the dancing part of the workshop, the students were given a brief background of the culture and the places that the dance arises from.

Ms. Katrina Fojas facilitated the workshop while two members of the Sama Bangingi community from San Andres were present to demonstrate the dance moves to the Grade 3 to Grade 10 students.

The students took advantage of the opportunity to learn something new and eagerly participated when the dancers called for volunteers. After being taught some basic dance moves, the students (who were then separated into groups), were given a chance to choreograph their own number and present in from of an audience. This activity was conducted as part of Bannister Academy’s month-long celebration of Buwan ng Wika.

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