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Who is Bannister Academy

Bannister Academy is a private, non-sectarian, secular and co-educational school offering basic education from preschool to senior high school.

We endeavor to provide students with holistic, integral formation
characterized by:
1. Personal integrity

The student constantly works to overcome his limitations and strives towards excellence in everything he does;

2. Social orientation

He exercises personal responsibility along with a sincere spirit of service, especially towards those in most need in his immediate and wider community;

3. Sound Moral Judgement

He is able to make good and responsible decisions in accordance with universal and permanent norms of conduct;

4. Capacity for Total Learning

He is capable of appreciating and understanding himself and the world around him;

5. Fluency in Communication

He is able to express his thoughts in speech and writing and understand others through reading and listening;

We Believe That:
  • Every child is capable of realizing his full human potentials.
  • Classical education is a foundation of integral development.
  • Every teacher is a character educator.
  • Education is a personal responsibility of home and school.
Who We Are

At the bottom of the small school‘s heraldry is Transcendere – “to surmount” or “to overcome”. Bannister Academy believes that all of our students are capable of going a step beyond their limits. The different circumstances and backgrounds of our students do not pose a hindrance for them to be the best persons they can be – to be Renaissance Men for the modern world.

What We Do

With Classical Education as the core, our main tool in realizing our goal is the Paideia Principle. Our academic curriculum follows the triple approach of the Trivium – the three liberal arts of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. These permeate down to all the subjects taught in the school. Our curriculum puts forth a balance between the humanities, the practical arts, and the sciences.

How We Do It

To achieve this, we expose our students to an education that is firmly grounded on the Humanities or Classical Education. Our students see the best and worst of man, through his actions in time (History), his thoughts and desires immortalized in writing (Literature), and his creativity and greatness expressed in Art. These fields permeate all the disciplines taught in the school, whether they be of a liberal or practical nature. The modern application of this thinking is known as the Paideia Principle.