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We believe that any student disposed to learn is capable of receiving Bannister education. Hence, young men and women who demonstrate a disposition to learn in an academic community are most welcome.

Our Vision

Bannister Academy aims to produce highly competent, morally upright, and socially responsible graduates who will be Renaissance Men and Women in, and for, the modern world.


Bannister Academy  provides its students quality education that is holistic, personal, character-centered, and community-oriented — preparing them for local and global society with strong skills of critical thinking, communication, and research.

The institution engages young learners who demonstrate a disposition to learn, and who endeavor to grow both in academics and in character.


Our approach to learning is guided by the three pillars of our educational philosophy:

First, that learning has three stakeholders: the child, the parent, and the teacher.

Second, that learning must develop a well-trained mind through the Trivium of classical education, namely grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Third, that learning is a pursuit that is at once more rigorous and more accessible in a Paideia classroom, where a student acquires knowledge, develops intellect, and deepens the understanding of ideas and values. 


Bannister Academy aims to produce highly competent, morally upright, and socially responsible graduates who will be Renaissance Men and Women in, and for, the modern world.

Molded in the humanities and in classical education, Bannister Academy alumni will be known for both their good character and strong intellect — making everyday decisions that reflect their awareness of the responsibilities that come hand-in-hand with their freedoms.

Our graduates will live by our school motto, transcendere, in their everyday lives, constantly striving to grow into the best versions of themselves to become good and productive citizens that serve their communities, their country, and the world.


Bannister Academy recognizes that holistic education is achieved with the active involvement of key stakeholders, and with the employment of learning practices and methods that develop every learner’s intellect and character.


1. Every child is capable of reaching his or her full human potential.

Any child who demonstrates a disposition to learn has the aptitude to realize the promise of his or her individual gifts. Bannister Academy’s learning environment promotes diversity in ideas, beliefs and perspectives.


2. Every teacher is a character educator.

A teacher in Bannister Academy believes that he or she has the moral responsibility to educate character — helping students achieve not only excellence in academics, but also excellence in personality and disposition.


3. Education is a personal responsibility of both home and school.

Learning is never limited to the school environment, and thus, parents share the role of Bannister Academy and its teachers in providing the learner a holistic education.


4. The school is the focal point of the community; its end should constantly be the good of the society where it belongs.

Bannister Academy is only the child’s first foray into society, and from there they gain an understanding and an appreciation of the good that they are capable of contributing to the world at large.


5. Classical education is a foundation of integral development.

A well-trained mind is the distinctive outcome of a child’s classical education at Bannister Academy, which is the cornerstone of his or her life-long journey to self-actualization.


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