Character education in Bannister Academy takes place within the seamless continuum of formal subject classes, class advisory sessions, and personal mentoring.

It is comprised of monthly activities for high school students only that enhance the students’ overall growth by having them listen to and interact with a variety of guest speakers, as well as attending workshops held here in school.

As part of the school’s commitment to forming students, it organizes two major parenting talks every school year. The school invites experts in the fields of psychology, communication, and family development to talk to parents about current issues that affect parents and children.

Explore Bannister Academy’s Student Affairs to discover a diverse range of formative opportunities, empowering students to thrive in both academics and personal growth.

Personal Development Series

PDS stands for Personal Development Series.

The program consists of exclusive monthly activities designed for high school students that enhance their holistic development. It involves engaging with a diverse range of guest speakers and participating in workshops conducted on campus.

Professionals from various sectors like digital marketing, culinary arts, photography, management, entrepreneurship, and finance are invited to share insights. Moreover, students also benefit from workshops focusing on self-awareness.

A well-trained mind is what Susan Wise Bauer described as the fruit of a good education.
A person with a well-trained mind can tackle difficult subjects, learn on his own, understand and structure logical statements,
and finally, communicate thought from one mind to another.