Bannister’s educational program is patterned after the classical educational program called the Trivium. A classical education is a three-part process of training the mind.

Paideia is a set of beliefs about education including active and rigorous teaching methods Paideia is a holistic approach to life-long learning with roots in ancient Greece. 

The study of Latin teaches students how to think critically and analytically, and how to handle concepts with ease. 


K-12 Education lays down the cornerstones for fundamental language and critical thinking skills.


Personal Development Series

PDS stands for Personal Development Series.

It is comprised of monthly activities for high school students only that enhance the students’ overall growth by having them listen to and interact with a variety of guest speakers, as well as attending workshops held here in school.

Professionals from different fields such as digital marketing, culinary arts, photography, management, entrepreneurship and finance are invited. Additionally, students are also given workshops on self-awareness.

A well-trained mind is what Susan Wise Bauer described as the fruit of a good education.
A person with a well-trained mind can tackle difficult subjects, learn on his own, understand and structure logical statements,
and finally, communicate thought from one mind to another.