Celebrating Six Years of Tenacity and Harmony

Tenacity and Harmony Photo 2

Last September 9, 2015, Bannister Academy had its second House Games for the school year. It was a much-needed day off as the students had their term exams the week before.  On that same day, Bannister Academy was also celebrating its sixth birthday. The entire day was filled with different kinds of games and activities where students from all grade levels participated. On that fateful Wednesday, students came to school very excited and looking forward to the day ahead.

For the first activity, the students were divided into their respective houses (Crimson and Aurum) to make their house cheer. Afterwards, the students were divided into their respective grade levels to participate in the poster making contest, poetry writing contest and quiz bee. Aside from the physical activities, the students were quizzed on their knowledge of Bannister Academy.

It was a day of celebration, togetherness and healthy competition as the students were able to get to know and interact with each other outside the four walls of their classroom.

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