Real Love Revolution: A Talk to Remember

Real Love Revolution Photo

By James Josef Laki

Grade 10 Student


Real Love Revolution is a movement organized by the group, Catalyst of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), since 2007. The group invites international speakers who are dedicated to preaching about the necessity and realization of true love and about the harmful effects of fake love. This movement is dedicated to enlightening the minds of the youth in appreciating and celebrating the joys and pains of genuine love towards ourselves, family members, friends, and beloved.

Carrying their tagline, “I keep love real”, and continuing their efforts in promoting “selflessness” to everyone, Catalyst just had another one of their events last November 7, 2015 at Ynares Sports Arena. The speakers were Matt Fradd, the founder of The Porn Effect—a site committed to revealing the truth behind pornography and providing assistance to people suffering from porn addiction; and Sarah Swafford, the founder of the Emotional Virtue Ministries and a part time Director of Special Projects for Catholic Identity in Benedictine College. The event was scheduled for three sessions at different times of the day. Bannister Academy attended the morning session. We were joined by several schools like PAREF Rosehill, PAREF Woodrose, and Trinity University of Asia, to name a few.

The event started with a newlywed couple, Raf Dimacali (the owner of Mary Grace) and his wife, introducing themselves and sharing their experiences about how they stood up to authentic love during their courtship stage until they were finally married. One thing that I really liked about what they said was, “Courtship does not end with marriage. It’s a continuous process, ‘til death do we part.”

Matt Fradd talked about the horrible effects of pornography and how, according to a study he revealed, immersing one’s self into it “fries” that person’s brain. The study, by a German scientist, states that a person who is addicted to porn has his or her brain shrinking from time to time. His work and books are all dedicated in lifting people from the “dark, heavy chains, of pornography” to a realization and practice of real love.

Sarah Swafford shared how important it is to be the best wife to your husband and the best mother to your kids. Before she got married, she mentioned that she lived in a dorm with young ladies and it is where she had a realization to be a preacher of real love. During her free time, she would invite ladies in her room and talk to them one by one. Soon after, she found herself talking to these young ladies on a more regular basis and giving them pieces of advice in handling relationships. Until now, Sarah continues to counsel the youth in making true love happen between themselves and their families, friends, and beloved.

Overall, the event was a success. It was inspiring, enlightening and enjoyable for everyone who attended. It was an event worth sharing and recommending to the youth. Hopefully, more and more organizations will develop similar gatherings like this that will supplement the values education at home and in school.

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