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School Outreach 2018 Photo
Staff and students of Bannister Academy came together for the Bannister Academy Outreach Activity. Bannister Academy Student Affairs Head Adrian Vincent Balagat has been partnering with Principal Salve Odono of Bagumbayan Elementary School in creating meaningful and purposeful activities for the students of Bannister Academy and Bagumbayan Elementary School for the past two years. This...
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Academic Life
Teacher Nikki and Teacher Nick discuss the academic life Bannister Academy is aiming for its students. Bannister Academy’s mission is to build Renaissance men and women in this modern world. And so, we try to follow the Paideia program, an engaging and challenging academic program. This consists of three parts—the didactic approach, the coaching portion,...
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Paideia Photo
Here in Bannister Academy, Paideia program is being utilized in every level of education. This way of teaching, though unorthodox, has several benefits that make it effective. The seminar part in the Paideia program is a step toward eliminating the threat of the digital world to the art of conversation. This is because in the...
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PreSchool Photo
In this video, Bannister Academy’s way of teaching among preschool students is discussed. Teacher Jesy, a preschool teacher, says that playing is an important learning tool for children because they learn best through active exploration of their environment. Bannister Academy allows preschool students to play and explore the environment with their teachers and their peers....
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School Life Photo
Watch as both parents and students share their various perspectives regarding the unique school life students experience here in Bannister Academy. The school life here is unique and effective as every class here contains only 15 to 20 students. This allows the teacher to focus more on every single student. Because of this, parents are...
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Mentoring Photo
Parents, teachers, and students of Bannister Academy share their thoughts regarding a unique and important part of the school’s way of teaching—the mentoring. This is a unique part of the school’s way of teaching, but very effective and beneficial to the students and even the parents. Each student has a mentor, a teacher who is...
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