Scholarship Programs and Financial Aid

Bannister Academy’s Scholarship Program

The school has a scholarship program that is available to deserving Bannister Academy students and to new students. The scholarship may include academic assistance that covers tuition fee, miscellaneous fees, books and supplies, depending on the qualification and need of the student or applicant. It is offered to students from Grade 6 up to Grade 10.

Below are the general criteria and requirements for scholarship candidates.

To apply for the scholarship program, please submit the following:
1. Citizenship

The applicant must be a Filipino citizen, or has a FIlipino-dual citizenship.

2. General Average and Grades

The applicant must have a general average of 90% and above from his last completed level. He
should also not have a grade lower than 85% in any subject, academic and non-academic. Needless
to say, the applicant must not have repeated any previous level.

3. Good Moral Character

The applicant must submit a certificate of good moral character issued by his previous school’s
Guidance Counselor.

4. Latest Income Tax Return of Parents

These may be requested during the application process.

All scholarship applications must be forwarded to the Admissions Office of Bannister Academy. Each application is subject to a screening by the school’s Scholarship Committee. Applicants and their parents must be ready to be called for interviews by the committee.

For further information, please feel free to contact Teacher Therese at 0917-673-6516 or via email at theresekovillanueva@gmail.com.