Renaissance Man in the Modern World

“Bannister Academy believes that education in the primary and secondary levels are geared, not just towards getting a stable job in the future, but towards an integral development of the student.”

We want our graduates to be capable of writing and speaking well, of thinking for themselves, and of dealing with other people with an authentic sense of concern and responsibility. Thus, we want them to be Renaissance men in the modern world — possessing both intellectual aptitude and social concern.

In this regard, Bannister Academy’s focus on Classical Education plays a crucial role. Traditionally, secondary education has always been seen as a stepping stone towards getting into college and then, eventually, landing a job. We believe, however, that education is more than that. While it does serve that purpose, education can do more. It gives children the necessary tools and mindset to continually learn.

This value for learning is then carried on to whatever endeavor they would wish to pursue in the future. It is the school’s job, working hand-in-hand with parents, to make sure that this translates into reality.