Science Lab Header Photo
The Science Lab is here to help the students further understand the complexity and beauty of Science. Various equipment are stored properly in the cabinets and a huge periodic table of elements is framed and hanged on the wall. An emergency shower stall and fire extinguisher are present in the lab as a precautionary measure.
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Preschool Classrooms Header Photo
The preschool classrooms are designed for the young learners. The room is made colorful yet informative to allow pupils to engage with the environment. The preschool setup is filled with intellectually stimulating toys, activity areas, and visual aids, to make learning fun and enjoyable for younger children.
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Other Facilities Photo
Other facilities include the lobbies, other offices, and an art wall that features treasured artworks from students. In these facilities, various bulletin boards can be seen and sofas and chairs are there for the comfort of the visitors. These facilities can be utilized by both students and visitors.
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Mac Lab Header Photo
The Macintosh Lab has several Mac computers students can use to help them learn more about the digital world. In here, they can explore the use of technology and apply those to their lives. This Mac Library also helps students in their various discussions.
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Library Header Photo
The library offers students a comfortable place while they study, explore, and learn something new. Bookshelves filled with reading materials can be found, as well as a rack of educational magazines. There are comfortable chairs and tables that students can use to do their work properly.
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High School Classrooms Header Photo
The high school classrooms are intended for the education of high school students. Though they look modern, they still boast ornaments for the creativity of the students. This high school classroom setup allows the teacher to discuss lessons effectively because of the up-to-date equipment and small class size.
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Guidance Council Office Header Photo
The Guidance Council Office is a welcoming environment for students who need guidance from teachers and administrators. Chairs, sofas, and tables can be found inside to provide a sense of comfort and safety. Parents are also welcome here at the Guidance Council office.
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Campus & Premises Header Photo
The administrators of Bannister Academy make sure that the institution’s campus and premises are safe and secured. We want a hazard-free place for the children to play around while the school is monitored by a trusted security team. The grounds welcome both students and parents every day, offering a convenient place for assemblies and activities.
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Grade School Classrooms Photo
These classrooms are intended for grade school students. The rooms are clean yet colorful to appeal to the minds of the children. This grade school classroom setup allows pupils to work together and the teacher to go around and help the kids further.
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Conference Room Header Photo
Meetings, proposals, and other important discussions are held here in the well-equipped conference room. The table sits seven people, and there is a projector ready to be used. This is to make sure that administrators and professors have the chance to discuss important matters properly without any complications.
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