Curriculum Highlights

  • Social Studies

    Philippine Government, Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship

  • History

    Greek and Roman, Medieval & Renaissance, Modern and Philippine History

  • High School English

    World, American, British Literature, and Philippine Literature

  • Latin

    Latin Studies from Grades 1 to 4th Year High School

  • Mathematics

    Singapore Math from Grades 1 to 6, Common Core from Grades 7 to 12

  • Art

    Art skills from Grades 1 to 6; Philippine Art, Asian Art, Art skills, and Film for High School 

We believe that:

The Bannister curriculum spans from Kinder to Grade Twelve in one continuum. The 12 years of basic education are divided into four levels:

Level 1

The Primary or Lower School (Grades 1 to 4)

Level 2

The Intermediate or Middle School (Grades 5 to 7)

Level 3

The Junior High School
(Grade 8-10)

Level 4

The Senior High School
(Grades 11 and 12)

Each of the four levels has an end goal; each grade or school year in grade school has specific objectives (for cognitive and expression, respectively), which are carried on to the succeeding grade and never dropped. High school years do not have specific objectives because the years flow from Grade 8 to 12 in a gradated continuum towards the development of the intellect and the will.

The subjects found in the Bannister Curriculum are divided into three major components: namely Language Arts, Math and Science, and Makabayan:

  1. English Arts

    English, Latin, Reading, Literature, Filipino

  2. Math and Sciences

    Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

  3. Makabayan

    History and Culture, Physical Education, Arts, Home Economics